* Medicare cards may be presented by Seniors and Persons with Disabilities for the reduced fare.

​* All-Day Pass must be presented to the bus operator to receive service; no transfer pass will be required.

*Drivers do not carry change.

Adult (19-59)

Youth (6-18)
$ 1.00
Senior (60 and over)
​$ .60
Child (5 and under)
Disabled (with valid I.D.)
$ .60
Student (with valid I.D.)
$ 1.00
All-Day Pass

Midland Odessa Urban Transit District (EZ-Rider) Fixed Route and Paratransit Fares

Have a question?

432-561-9990 or questions@ez-rider.org

PASSES & TICKETS may be purchased at the following locations:

            MIDLAND                                                                  ODESSA

* HEB - Business Center                                    * HEB - Business Center

* Midland College - Student Union                  * Odessa College - Information Desk

* City Hall - Cashier's Window                          * Community Development (4th & Lee)

* EZ Rider Admin Bldg - 10300 Younger Rd

Other Fare Media

Midland Odessa Urban Transit District (EZ-Rider) Demand Response Paratransit Service Fares For Paratransit

All Summer Pass: June 1 - August 31 2016 - $40.00
available at all ticket outlets

One-way trip tickets may be purchased in lots of 10 for $12.50. ​Buy 10 tickets, and get one free.

Important Notice:

After June 8, 2015 transfers will no longer be issued.  Until July 8, 2015, the old transfers will be replaced with a complimentary day pass that you can use to transfer to another bus.  After July 8,2015 if you need to transfer to another bus, you will need to purchase an All Day Pass.

*Drivers do not carry change.

Each one-way trip within the ¾ mile of a fixed route
$2.50 or
one ticket
Each one-way trip outside the ¾ mile of a fixed route
$5.00 or
​two tickets

Standard Fares

Monthly Passes

Monthly Passes are good for unlimited rides on all routes including the EZ-Connect during the designated 31 day period. When a pass is purchased at an outlet store it is inactive.  It will be activated once it is inserted into a farebox for the first time of use and will last for 31 days from the date of activation.  The dates will be printed on the pass.