Leaving Mall, EZ-CONNECT will

depart along Loop 250 at the Connect Times and make only seven stops: 

Bus STOP #1 - North Walmart shelter  (Outbound)

Bus STOP #2 - Deauville Blvd & Westridge Blvd (Outbound)

Bus STOP #3 - Deauville Blvd (Outbound)

Bus STOP #4 - Airport  (Outbound)

At the Airport, you can connect with the Odessa EZ-Connect and continue into Odessa, Texas.

Bus STOP #5 - Returning from the airport, stop at CEED bldg. along Hwy 191 service road. (Inbound)

Bus STOP #6 - Deauville Blvd

Bus STOP #7 - SAMS Club at Tradewinds Blvd

EZ-Connect will continue to the Midland Park  Mall, where you can catch Midland fixed routes 2, 3 and 4. 

EZ-CONNECT starts at the Midland Park Mall  (see map - blue dot B)


Connect Times to FIXED Routes: 

                             6:45am          2:45pm

                             7:45am          3:45pm

                             8:45am          4:45pm

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